Our Team

The Blue Pencil Alumni

Shreya Vajpei, Founder

17021709_1434886786581651_7561000358457547416_nAlways seen in or around the research cell with her curly hair and MacBook, the Blue Pencil founder Shreya Vajpei is confident and innovative. She is currently working at Khaitan  & Co., Mumbai.

She can be reached at shreya.vajpei@gmail.com

Madhavi Sandhu, Co – Founder                                                                         16865097_1436204019783261_8043242016126384336_n

Our Haryanvi co-founder is not just honest in an in-your-face way but is also extremely funny. An expert when it comes to managing the crew, Madhavi Sandhu’s lack of diplomacy is what makes her extremely popular. She is currently working at ICICI Bank.                 

Reach out to her at madhavi.sandhu.ail@gmail.com                                                         

Kudrat Dutta Chaudhary                                          

17156226_1437645142972482_4389218673625045728_nKudrat or KDC, is a stationery buff. She, by popular opinion is charm, satin bows and all things happy. She is a published author and has great ideas that the team very often relies on. She stands up for what she believes in and is a delight to work with.

She can be reached at kudratduttachaudhary@gmail.com

Sushant Kareer


Our very own Japanese dish, Sushi or Sushant Kareer is one of the smartest people we have on board. He’s opinionated, but in a nice way. Sushant believes in the power of words and is not afraid to call a spade a spade.

You can bug him at kareersushant@gmail.com

The Blue Pencil Core

Samyukta Menon

samSamyukta Menon is an enigma. One might mistake her to be shy as she’s often very quiet. But beware as she is our very own ninja with Porcupine quills in her hair. She adores Japanese culture and classic literature. She is a thinker and comes up with the most brilliant and fresh ideas!

Parika Bhardwaj

ParsParika is literally a 10 year old stuck in a 19 year old’s body. She’s the most energetic procrastinator around and has a knack for weird photos. When she’s not going around pranking people, she can be found fangirling over Harry Potter and Star Wars. But wait till you see her work and then truly believe in the saying, ” There’s more to Parika than meets the eye”.

 Annie Sharma

18010564_1494682390602090_7444241649008030624_nAnnie Sharma is always up for a debate at any given point of time. This is not because she likes arguing out of need but because of how passionate she is about it. She is more studious than she seems and you’ll always find her laughing at a certain post, whether it’s funny or not. A helpful and a kind person at heart, Annie is a person that one should have in their lives.

 Ananya Sharma

AnanyaThe team’s compass and anchor, she’s the glue that holds everything together and ensures smooth travelling even in the most turbulent waters. She is our ‘Preciousss’, and the team would be lost without her. This Miss-Fix-it-all with a sunny disposition is an indispensable part of the team.

She can be reached at ananyasharma.ail@gmail.com

Param Chahal

ParamThere are three things that Param loves in this entire world, food, food and more food. A pro at making Boomerangs, he is one of the most cheerful person you will come across in your life. He is a huge (no pun intended) Real Madrid and Manchester United supporter and also plays for the college football team. In addition to that, Param writes amazing pieces for Blue Pencil and has his own blog, diveintoimagination.wordpress.com

The Blue Pencil Crew

 Asmita Mann

An artist in the most unique of ways, Asmita is a baker, dancer and a champ at aesthetics. Meticulous and patient, she has never let us down with her beautifully organised endeavours.

Kainat Singh

kainatA public speaker and spontaneous debater, Kainat expresses herself best through her words. Poetry is a language she’s most accustomed to. Existing in metaphors, she is a creationist making her way through law school.

Aafreen Choudhary

aafA virtuoso of the guitar, this girl is also known for her oratory skills. It’s always a good time when Aafreen is around. Her work- life balance is goals. With a great sense of humour and jocular personality, she endears herself to everyone.

Shaurya Gulati

shauShaurya is an indispensable member of the Blue Pencil crew. He has a dynamic personality and an appealing aura. A hardcore gamer and an amazing guitarist, there is so much more to him than meets the eye.

Shashank Mishra

shaHe may seem like an extremely timid person, but don’t let that fool you into undermining his exemplary confidence. This young MUNer is a keen learner and an amazing orator. No marks for guessing that this hardworking first year is one great asset to the Blue Pencil team.



arAaryan is more than what meets the eye. A sensitive and artistic person, he dabbles with theatre and is passionate about Shayari. Often, he is seen twirling his mustache while musing about Ghalib’s works.