Holi at AIL


“At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, AIL will awake to life and freedom!”On March 2, 2018, with the onset of spring and farewell to winter, the campus of Army Institute of Law felt a new surge of zeal and ecstasy (no puns intended). AIL Mohali Trance began to set in while the exuberance mixed in despacito.

But wait. Let’s just look at this all over again.


We all assembled for the roll call and although our faces reflected innocent smiles, in our minds we counted the Balloon-Strikes we would attempt on our seniors the next day. Just then, we heard something falling… a bit of it fell on our left a few seconds before, and while we could retaliate, the entire water came splashing down. The 2nd Year was laughing its heart out. We shrugged the water off of our hair and took our positions again. After a minute, we were soaked in water, again. 2nd Year was in hysterics. Hurriedly, we covered our heads with our hands when we heard them on the balcony. But, it didn’t fall this time… we look up. Stunned II Year stands in front of us, sloshed from head to toe.



The full-moon night is serene. The cloudy sky marks almost the last night of winter moon. We hear distant footsteps. We wait for someone to respond from the other side, with skeptical looks on our faces. They didn’t knock, but banged on the door. We peeped outside and saw the most composed senior, Deepak Prajapati (II Year) grinning at us. He asks us to come out. We consider the options:

1. Open the door

2. Open the door

3. Open the door

Had Shakespeare been here, he would have penned, “O! This is battle of wits, but you are unarmed! Fairly thou art sandwiched!’

With such splendid variety of options, we decide to open the door and step out. As soon as we do, we find Omvir Singh (II Year) cramming himself behind a table with balloons, for which, certainly, he was too oversized for and squeaking with excitement. While we adored his overflowing delight and balloons (which had found their much-coveted target), a spatter of water sends chills down our spines. The contingent shouts “bura na maano Holi hai!”



As the clock struck 10, AILians slowly began to assemble in the football ground with colors and buckets full of balloons to celebrate the delightful festival of Holi this year. Like every year, the celebration began with coating the festival-goers with tons of colors. But that’s too diluted when it comes to our budding lawyers, isn’t it? The football ground was prepared collectively by all, and as soon as it was all ready, the celebration began in full swing! No one could resist laughing when boys were being thrown in the mud and being bathed by the companions, with all the ‘love’ that they waited to vent out today. Not to forget, girls were given their fair share soon! There you are grabbed, and the very next moment you open your eyes, you find yourself being bathed in the mud! Very soon, all our beautiful ladies looked more adorable than Anushka Sharma in Pari.

But, that is still not over yet! The tradition of ripping the shirts followed soon! And after a few minutes, all boys could be seen running around, chancing upon any shirt that they could. As the background music counted on numbers of Shri Bachchan sahib, like ‘Hori khele Raghuveera’ and ‘Rang Barse Bheege Chunarwali,’ all of them came together to dance and make it memorable.

Racy Raju (5th Year), might have missed eggs adorning her head the previous year, but this time prakriti ka sparsh has made her hair softer! Richa Garg (5th Year) got disgusted by mud in her hair at the very first instant, and so did Gulrukh Kaur (2nd Year), but thence, they made sure not to leave any head clean! While Yuvraj Singh (1st Year) recounted his experience of being soaked wet a night before by the seniors, Ruhul (1st Year) was still busy in gleaning mud lumps from his curly hair.

The day saw ‘Thor’ being turned into ‘Hulk’ and ‘beauty’ being transformed into ‘beast.’ The mass of memories that the AILians gathered, forgetting the boundaries of Senior-Junior, is the true spirit of unity that AIL possesses. This Holi, colors truly painted some very mesmerizing moments, which we will cherish for our entire life!

This write-up was prepared by Nishant Tiwari (1st Year)


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  1. Prashant says:

    This was hilarious and beautiful. Very well written 😊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Nishant Tiwari says:

      Thank you!!! 😊🙏

      Liked by 1 person

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