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Winter is here, I guess, but for those who don’t watch Games of Thrones, it’s just a normal, blisteringly hot weekend in August. Your friends might say, “You will definitely love it.” But Alas! Here you are again. Another year, another season and you are still the same, just seven seasons behind instead of six now.

GOT fans usually say that one needs to watch a few seasons before they start loving it. But it shouldn’t take so long to like or hate a show. The show is filled with violence, nudity and a seemingly endless number of characters. The struggle for, those who don’t watch this overrated TV series, is a different ball game altogether.

It starts with the well-known ‘spoiler wars’. Millions of viewers wait day and night just to watch an episode before their friends do and then go around playing with their head all day, talking about what happens next in the series. It’s sadistic pleasure at its best (to which I’m thankfully immune).

It is slowly and gradually taking over day to day conversations, thereby leaving the non-viewers completely out of the loop. And that’s just annoying.  All conversations revolve around WHAT HAPPENED IN GOT, WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN GOT and WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN IN GOT? Honestly? It’s a task to change the topic or get involved in it because you know or wish to know nothing about the show.

And lastly, if one of us is to even start watching the show, the fact that we know half the story doesn’t really help our case. We have heard so much about it that it feels like a part of our life now. There are so many better shows to watch that aren’t filled with just politics and killing. It’s just a messy mesh of Dungeons and Dragons, Playboy and Days of our Lives with horrible pacing. Quite frankly, life is messy enough without an exhaustive and gory account of the machinations and actions of bloodthirsty people desperate to riddle their gluteus maximus with holes, like swiss cheese by sitting on the Iron Throne.

This write up was submitted by Sankalp Chhajed from the third year.

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