Blood Donation Camp 2017

At a time when our world is going through a moral crisis coupled with terrorism and people trying to bring other people down, an act of nobility, with the honest intention of helping others feels like finding an oasis in a dry, barren desert.

Our very own Abhimanyu Hall turned out to be the Oasis on 11th August 2017. It was here that a huge number of noble souls from the college turned up to donate blood and help those in need. The blood donation camp was organised by ‘Rotary and Blood Bank Society Chandigarh’. The Officiating Principal and the Registrar gave a warm welcome to the doctors, medical assistants and organizers of the Blood Donation Camp at 10 o’clock in the morning. By the next 15 minutes, enthusiastic students had begun to fill in the hall, completing the formalities ; waiting, patiently as well as excitedly to help save a life. Posters with slogans like, ‘You don’t have to be a doctor to save a life; DONATE!’ and ‘Give blood, Give now, Give often’ adorned the walls of the institute. Many collegians from first to fifth year gathered in the hall to do their bit for society and people in need. Students were first asked to get their body statistics like hemoglobin, pulse rate, pupil dilation etc checked to make sure they were fit donors. Once declared fit, the eager and spirited students waited for their turn to donate. The hall was filled with emotions ranging from nervousness and fright to satisfaction and joy. After the students donated blood, they were given a towel set as a token of appreciation and gratitude. Light snacks for the donors were also arranged and everyone walked out of the hall with a feeling of fulfillment and gratification.

All in all, the initiative was a huge success as the zealousness of all the noble donors, to help save lives and do their bit to make another fellow earthling’s life better was an amazing and refreshing thing to watch and experience.


This article was written by Marvie Magotra (Ist yr)


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