Orientation Week; Batch of 2022.

​The Orientation Program for the freshly arrived collegians for the batch of 2022 was organised from 19-21 July. The programme aimed at making the students prepare themselves for the unknown journey of college life ahead.People from all walks of life and experts from different spheres addressed them, helping each one to be motivated and ambitious along with keeping their values intact.
On the first day, the batch was addressed by the officiating Principal, Dr. Tejinder Kaur.She expressed how the students are the college’s biggest asset and inspired everyone to aspire and eventually achieve greater success, shouldering the responsibility right from the start. Having instilled them with the motto of the college, she also helped in calming the nervous souls.

This was followed by a lecture on communication titled ‘Communication- the Human Connection- Key to Personal and Career Success’ by Ms. Ruby Kapoor. It was an interactive way of learning how our body language, health and self introspection leads to better communication.

At around noon, there was an address by Col. Harbinder Singh (Retd.), Registrar, AIL. He, with his funny anecdotes coupled with great experience, guided them about the proper way of life one must undertake in the hostel and the institute.

The day ended with a Talent Hunt programme, which was graced by all the staff members. It was during this time that the poets, the debators, the musicians and even the sport junkies got the perfect platform to showcase the talents they had aplenty of.

The second day started at 0930 hrs with a brief on the law curriculum and the journey of the next five years in short, presented by Dr. Kulpreet Kaur.
At 1000 hrs, they had a very reputed Professor from Department of Law, Panjabi University, Prof. Nishtha Jaswal, who stressed upon how in the journey to being a successful lawyer, one should always have empathy, goodness and all values and virtues within themselves, at all times.

At around 1130 hrs, there was a lecture by Mr. Simran Omkar, on a very commonly used word, ‘Stress’. He enlightened them about how to celebrate stress and told them about the lesser known advantages of the negative aspect of it.
Towards the end of the second day, they had a Quiz Competition organized by the staff of the institute. It was aimed at being an informative session and not held with the intention of making students compete against one another. With the students’ active participation, it did serve its purpose.
The third day, the last day of the orientation, started with a lecture by the much admired and reputed, Prof. Virender Kumar, whose interaction left them inquisitive and wanting to know more about law. To put it into perspective, his words were thought-provoking.

At 1030 hrs, they had Mr. Urvijay Brar, who is a lawyer, and also a known lecturer, gave them a very essential brief on how to study law. He lighted the path they have to walk on for the next five years.

At 1130 hrs, they had Ms. Urvashi Bhatia, who taught them the importance of courtesy, manners and proper communication with everyone. Her short stories and quotes enriched all the young minds. She also gave them a brief on CV writing, one of the much needed skills for everyone these days.
The day ended with a very refreshing and active Group Discussion, which aimed at breaking the ice and helping everyone to come out of their nut-shells. It saw participation from everyone.

And thus, ended the three day orientation programme which made sure that the newest ‘AILians’ had it easy fitting into the family.

The write-up was prepared by Dilisha Nair (1st Year)


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