Hear, hear.

Disclaimer- This is a satirical take on how the things go around the college and  the same is not to be interpreted as an official announcement. These thoughts are the author’s independent views and TBP, in no way, endorses the same. 

Given the number of gossip that revolves around the college and the number of people involved, authorities at AIL have finally taken a big decision which is now being described as a big leap towards student welfare. A new society, BITSOC, has been constituted with the objective of discussion, collection, analysis, categorisation and documenting of gossip collected from all over the campus. With no formal involvement of any teacher, it will be a student run body.  Irrespective of the shortage of funds that the college faces, a small amount will be directed for the efficient working of the society.

The society will have 2 representatives from each batch who will be selected by a rigorous recruitment procedure. However, for the first time, authorities will appoint student representatives from the 4th and the 5th year. The team from the junior batches would be selected by the seniors through a very transparent process. To train these bright and talented students, they will be sent for a 15 day evening crash course by the aunties from the nearby society who will help the students to master the art of gossip and also acquaint them about the future prospects.

Once trained, these representatives will be responsible to get all the gossip from their respective batches by hook or by crook. The society plans to recruit special agents from the college who will help the society to achieve what it desires. These special agents may include students as well as anyone else from the college. The spy network will extend to the past schools of the students to dig any information which may be useful for the society. Considering the fact that a lot of things happen during the sports fests a separate team comprising of members of the half-the-college-size sports contingent would also be hired by the society. The society has shown immense dedication towards its commitment towards gossip by the fact that even the members won’t be spared when it comes to gossip collection.

An individual as well as “squad” record will be maintained by the society along with the analysis of the trends and variations over the years. Lastly, the society also plans to award meritorious students, spies and the special agents.

Well, this was my attempt to attract your attention towards something which I want people to know about. I guess some of us were able to relate to what I was trying to refer to and for the ones who didn’t get it, I meant to convey my thoughts on why is there a need for us to talk about other people? Just to be clear, I don’t, in any way, promote not talking about other people. However, the lot that goes overboard with the same, bothers me.

We have been in this college since a long time and I have seen people so consumed with the lives of others, discussing about how they dress to how others look; judging them by what have they done in their school to what all has happened in their families, I am sure I have missed out on a lot of things but this is to convey the essence of what I am referring to.

The idea here is just to tell how this is a problem. Most of us will be in the college for 5 years, and some of us will be from the above mentioned lot. Discussing people won’t help us grow in any way, which ideally should be one’s aim (not an obligatory opinion). Many of us will make fun of others, however there will be very few who will actually make a genuine effort and try to connect with them or help them. Occupying ourselves with what others did or with something that takes us a step ahead everyday is the option that we always have.

It’s time for you to decide as to what your priority actually is. This quote was put in the computer lab in case anyone noticed and the same would be my conclusion,

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”



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