Escorts Ceremony

The Escort ceremony was organised on Saturday, 29th April 2017, by the present fourth years for the outgoing fifth years. The ceremony, as you all are aware, is customary at AIL before the Farewell. At the ceremony the fifth years are paired up with the fourth years, boys with girls and vice versa, who then become the said escorts on the day of the farewell.

On Saturday when all the fifth years were settled in the atrium, they were called to the centre and were asked to pick a note stuck on a board which had a name written over it. Meanwhile, the fourth years had a note kept with them which also had a name over it, which had its pair stuck on the board for instance, if a person picked a note with ‘Café didi’ written over it was paired with a person who was in possession with the note which said, ‘Dada’.  So when the fifth years came and picked their note, they had to call out their pair and the person from the fourth year holding that note would be their escort. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

So that’s what happened on the escorts, which ended with a dance party in the atrium.



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