Reasons to watch 13 Reasons Why

I know you must be wondering why this show is being recommended, or probably that it seems depressing, but trust me when you watch this show you’ll understand how important it is for everyone to watch the series. The main theme of this show is ‘suicide’ and the producers of this show have done a good job in bringing this issue to the eye of the public and for this week’s Jabberwocky, I’ll be giving some of the reasons why you should watch the show.

  1. The Soundtrack: Hands down, this show has one of the most diverse yet relatable songs on its playlist. From “The Night we met” by Lord Huron to “The only boy Awake” by Meadows, all the songs played in the episodes are amazing. Selena Gomez is one of the producers of the show and many songs were put on her own recommendations, so that makes it cool, don’t you think?
  2. The Theme: The show talks about suicide, depression, friendship, love and many things that we, the millennials, will be able to relate to. The show starts with Hannah committing suicide and the reasons for her taking that one last step unfolds in the 13 episode series. Although you know the end of it, you’ll still be glued to your screens to see the things for yourself.
  3. Great Acting: The entire cast has done a superb job in the show and there is absolutely no doubt judging their acting skills.

Well, out of all these reasons, the most important reason to watch this show is to understand how a little thing/event in an individual’s life can be someone else’s highlight of the day. It’s funny how all of our lives are intertwined. We meet people and many a times we fail to understand or ask them how their days are going; how things are at home. Sometimes, even our small gesture can be the highlight of someone else’s day. We must understand how important it is for us to take care of people around us but that doesn’t mean we forget to take care of ourselves. We have our own rough days but on the days when we don’t feel like yourself or when we feel like sharing things, we should do something about it. Reaching out to your friends is as important as them coming to you and asking about your life. Many of us have been there and one thing that I understood is that talking always makes things better. You feel a lot better.

Also in case you were wondering if this post was written to commercially promote it, then that’s not the case. Rather it’s written for general goodwill, that’s all.

The Post was written by Parika Bharadwaj, II year.


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