All things AIL

It’s the little things that matter and the little moments that make a place feel like home. While we all involuntarily end up falling in love with AIL, here are a few aspects of what makes it so endearing to us all.

The 2 minute drill :

There’s a flip side to everything. While the small campus may not appeal to all, it comes with one of the biggest perks – you just need 2 mins to get to the classroom. With the asking percentage of attendance being as high as it is, this goes a long way in keeping us afloat.

Dada’s den :

One can not help but find themselves hanging out by the classroom-esque café atleast once a day. This area is headed by none other than our very own Dada, who leaves no stone unturned to make this place the most loved hangout spot for the 400-odd students !

Snack Time :

Arguably the most detested and the most sought after meal (pun intended). While some detest it for the miniscule quantity or makeshift quality, it still remains an indispensable part of the day for those who crave food at odd timings or the one’s who’ve simply missed their lunch.

Grills and Chills :

If the timings and restrictions were not enough, AIL now boasts of it’s own state of art prison for girls. The grills keep getting higher with each passing year and so does the curiosity of the students trying to figure out what purpose it serves.

6/10 :

You’d be living on another planet if you don’t refer to the adjacent sector market as 6/10. While the old store by this name has long closed, AILians don’t seem to be letting go of this address that easily.

Roll call :

The most interesting part of the day ! The place where issues are raised, authorities questioned and arguments started. The roll call is one part of the day that never fails to live up to the expectations, each night.

This post was written by Param Chahal, II year.


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