Seminar on Legal Reforms in India

On 31st of March the college hosted a seminar on legal reforms in India with special emphasis on the recruitment of judges. The panel consisted of Mr. Vivek Atray, Neelam Mann Singh and Mr. M.L Sarin who are members of Suvichar; Suvichar is a forum of thought which seeks to give back to the society inputs and guidelines that can help tackle a plethora of issues.


The seminar entailed a debate between the pros and cons of the collegium system for the selection of judges as compared to the NJAC. (National Judicial Appointment Commission) The three speakers from the college putting forth their views were, in order of appearance- Madhavi Sandhu whose speech focused primarily on finding a middle ground between the two systems and upholding the independence of the judiciary through assignment of veto powers, the second speaker was Ms. Ayushi Vashisht who did a critical analysis of the deadlock persisting between the two systems and lastly Kudrat Dutta Chaudhary, who was the third speaker, expressed her views in favour of the initiation of an All India Judicial Examination (a nationalised examination) in order to uphold merit in the matter of selection of judges.

Kudrat Dutta Chaudhary on the initiation of an All India Judicial Examination.

The guest of honour, Mr. M.L Sarin then addressed the gathering and shared funny and knowledgeable anecdotes from his 47 years in the judiciary.

Impressed by the intellectual horizon and confidence of the students the think tank awarded cash prizes to the three speakers and the master of ceremony, Ms. Navoor Brar.


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