Holi-The AIL way

Well, the festival of colours is finally here. It’s the time of the year in which revelry is at its peak and bathing is unavoidable.
Holi is one festival that is really looked forward to in AIL, and this year was no different.
In the morning dedicated Ailians were seen preparing the volleyball ground for the days celebrations ( such prep might be in short supply for the upcoming midsems though ).
Once the ground was moist – or one might say muddy, Holi celebrations were on in full swing and there was an aura of laughter and merriment all around.
At around 11, the sounds of dhol music filled the air and everyone danced to their heart’s content.
Here are the testimonies of some Ailians, who’ve recounted their experiences of Holi celebrations at AIL –
Shashank (1st yr) said that he’s played Holi many times, but none of them could match the level of mudness
(pun intended) of AIL’s Holi.
Racy (4th yr) learnt the benefits of eggs for hair the hard way. When an egg was broken on her head, she was surprised that after a wash she had a soft and lustrous mane !
Riya Kothari (1st yr) was a little vexed when she found herself thrown in a mud pit full of worms, yet she throughly enjoyed her first Holi at AIL.
Shivam (1st yr) said the celebrations at college were an enthralling experience.
From wrestling in the mud to dancing to the beats of the dholki, this Holi was truly a memorable one for him.
Trisha (1st yr) claimed that what stood out most for her was that people of all years – seniors and juniors – came together to celebrate the festival.
Well, all in all it was an unforgettable day for everyone. After all, us Ailians sure know how to throw a good party.
Here’s wishing everyone a happy Holi – enjoy yourselves and stay safe.
This write up was submitted by Saloni Dhadwal from the I year.

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