Sports Fest, Aavahan’17


From 23rd February’17 to 26th February’17 ‘Aavahan’ the sports fest of RMLNLU was held in Lucknow. The contingent of AIL marched into RMLNLU’s campus with fervour and gusto. Our college participated in a host of sports, their hard work and tiring practice sessions paid off and they performed brilliantly.

The contingent won a gold in girls basketball, Shiraj Ranaut (Ist year) and Amrit Sandhu (IIIrd year) won the boy’s badminton.

The boy’s football, basketball, girl’svolleyball team won the silver medal, Saloni Seth (IInd year) and Mehak Sood (IIIrd year) won a silver in girl’s badminton, Pious Mudgil (IInd year), Aastha Khurana (IInd year) and Aakriti Suri (IVth year) won the silver in girl’s table tennis.

Rakhi Goswami
(IInd year) won the silver in girl’s bench press. In swimming Parika Bhardwaj (IInd year) won the silver and Aakriti Suri (IVth year) bagged the third position. The contingent of AIL stole the show and won the prize for the best contingent.

Submitted by Riya Kothari from the Ist Year


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