Thursday Diaries- Intra College Debate Competition

Post lunch, the students moved towards the MPH to attend the beloved Thursday activity (a questionable claim). The activity for this week was the final round of the Intra College Debate Competition 2017. 8 teams – consisting of 2 students each – went head to head to win the prestigious rolling trophy and a cash prize. The judges for the this year’s Debate Competition were, Ms Manjeet Madra, Principal, Doon International School, Ms Serina Sidhu, Author, The Empowered Employee and Ms Imrose Kaur, Asst. Proffessor of Law, UILS, Punjab University. The topic of the debate was, “Philanthropy is image building in disguise”.
The participants were informed about the rules before the debate began. Each team was given a total of 6 minutes to put forward their arguments with individual speaker time being 3 minutes, post which the audience could pose questions to the speakers in the rebuttal round.
The debate commenced with great fervor, with the batch mates of each participant hooting and cheering when the former mounted the stage (batch unity is serious business for Ailians!)
The participants stated their varied stands on the topic at hand and since debate was bilingual, the audience had the pleasure of listening to both English and Hindi as a medium of debate. Rebuttal rounds were just as riveting, it saw the audience posing questions that challenged the participants.

After the teams had finished with their arguments, they sought the announcement of the winners with bated breath. The judges soon came out with the list of winners – Anshul and Trisha from first year were adjudged the Best team. Anshul was also adjudged as the best speaker. The runners up team was that of Ananya and Samyukta from 2nd year.
There were prizes for best rebuttal as well, and Kainat from 1st year and Bhavdeep Modi from 4th year were chosen as the winners.

It was truly an absorbing debate which showcased the debating mettle of AIL students. Here’s hoping it would go on to raise the level of debating activities in the college.
The write up was submitted by Saloni (Ist year)
Pictures by Shivam (Ist year)



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