Thursday Diaries-Humane Society International on ‘Where is our food coming from?’

On the 9th of February, 2017, a guest lecture was conducted for the students of AIL in the MPH. The lecture was delivered by Ms. Sonali Roy, an Animal Rights Activist working for the Humane Society International – an organisation that deals with animal protection issues around the world. Her lecture was titled, “Where is our food coming from?” and it aimed to pique the interest of the youth towards the uncomfortable and often ignored aspect of food production – the treatment of farm animals. Through photographs, videos and her own personal testimonies, the students were made aware of the inhuman treatment that is meted out to animals in the name of satisfying human hunger. She disclosed to students how there is significant lacunae in the knowledge of animal protection laws in society, and how even the police refuse to cooperate in such cases.

Later, she called upon Advocate Arun to address the students about animal protection laws in India. He informed the students about the existence of The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, and mentioned the it contained drawbacks rendering it somewhat lacking in its desired impact. He appraised the students about the reality of the cases related to animal rights in India – how most FIRs are difficult to lodge, and if somehow are miraculously lodged, are forcibly retracted. He urged the students to understand their duty as future lawyers create awareness in society regarding animals and their right to proper conditions and treatment. He remarked that through such actions, a person can support a section of society who cannot possibly speak for themselves, and serve a truly noble purpose.

After both the speakers had finished, a slogan writing competition was conducted and students showcased their creativity on the canvas provided.
All in all, it was quite a thought provoking lecture that left a lot for the students to mull over on the walk back to their dorms.


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