Varun Nair (Class of 2011) on AIL and the importance of Internships

Varun Nair is from the batch of 2006-2011. He is currently a Lawyer at Honeywell Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. In this interview Varun talks about his time in AIL and how internships are essential in building a career in law. He also shares with us some of his experiences from his time in college.


The Blue Pencil: Tell us about your time in AIL and whether you imagined your life and career to be as it is right now.

Varun Nair: The craziest and wackiest time of my life till date was in AIL. I came across all sorts of characters during those 5 years and the experiences and the friends I made for life were the best takeaways of those years. In 2011, when I graduated, I had a decent plan on how to go about things but it wasn’t the same when I was in 2nd or 3rd year. All of us did have goals but the ways to achieve them were not known to us when we were in college.

TBP: What do you miss most about the college?

VN: Boys Hostel and the crazy things we conjured up in that hostel is unthinkable at times. Home away from home!

TBP: Do college friendships really last a long way and are you still in touch with your batch mates and seniors?

VN: College friendships are the longest lasting of all friendships in my opinion and I’m in regular touch with all my college friends (batch mates and juniors alike). We meet at least twice in a year and we will be meeting up in a week’s time at Chandigarh for a friend’s wedding. During my time in AIL, I came to know a lot of seniors especially the ones from the 3rd and 4th years (when I was in my 1st year). They did give me lot of water bottles to fill up and chores to do, but when I joined the 2nd year it was more of friendship than a senior -junior relationship. Fast-forward 5 years from now, I still have some of my seniors working and living in Bangalore and we make it a point to meet up on a regular basis.


TBP: How did AIL help you reach where you are in life right now?

VN: AIL has been very important to what I have achieved till date. The administration helped us to get us on track, on not just our careers but on being better individuals.

TBP: You’ve interned at J. Sagar Associates, Dua Associates, Tatva Legal and Wadia Ghandy and Co., in what ways did these internships help you?

VN: Till the 2nd year, I wasn’t very interested in internships, but when I joined Dua Associates at the end of my 3rd year, I realized that internships are extremely critical for your career development. The time I spent in my internships also made me aware of which path I’d like my career to go on. Secondly, the internships also make you realize that there’s no substitute for hard work. Thirdly, I learnt how to network with the people I was working for and that’s by far the best takeaway till date.

TBP: How is it working with Honeywell Technology Solutions, what does your work entail?

VN: Honeywell is an enormous organization and when I joined 2 and half years back, I realized the enormity of the organization and the presence it has all over the world. The culture of Honeywell is aggressive and innovative and is not too process oriented-for lawyers especially. As Honeywell is an industrial leader in their space and considering that we are conducting transactions on a daily basis from both the Seller’s and Purchaser’s side, we are afforded enough space for maneuverability when conducting these transactions and with these experiences it increases not just the department’s profile but also the individual’s profile.

TBP: You actively volunteer for non-profit organizations.Why do you choose to be a part of these organizations?

VN: It’s my way of giving back something to the society we live in and considering the amount of  personal time we have for the downtrodden and the less fortunate people of our society, I believe that donating in any way possible to the people who need it the most is the least we can do.

TBP: Do you have any advice for those passing out of college at the end of this semester as well as other juniors through the 1st to 4th year?

VN: Firstly, for the 5th year I would tell them to enjoy their final year as this time doesn’t come back. For the 1st to 4th years, I would tell them to be serious when it comes to their internships as it is an extremely competitive world out there. Work places have got more professional and aggressive and the students need to be on their toes and take advantage of the good name that AIL has in the market.


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