Thursday Diaries – Virtuoso Quiz Competition 2017

It all started with twenty five questions and the shape of the Bharat Ratna Award. Half of the students didn’t show up, and the other half weren’t allowed to cheat. With mellow faces they answered what they could.
Sixteen of the highest scoring students got selected and were divided into groups of two, that is four teams, namely, Diamond, Garnet, Topaz and Coral.
Everyone gathered in the MPH at 2 P.M, lest they got fined. (500 bucks, that is around 4 Subs or 2 Pizzas) Sheetal Ma’am, the moderator for the quiz, read out the rules that included no prompting (Best of luck with that). The heated questioning began and the teams answered to the best of their abilities. The most enjoyable was the Audio-Visual round, with songs from Adnan Sami and the two R’s in Xerox.

The second round started with Teams Turquoise, Pearl, Emerald and Jade and by the end of it, around 30 odd people from the audience had already taken multiple trips to the stage. With a tie breaker in the end, between three teams, Jade finally made its way to the Finals.

The finalists included Ayushi Vashisht (5th year) and Ankit ( 2nd year), Ramandeep and Ribhu Raj(5th year) , Manik (5th year) and Vikas (4th year) and finally, Jivantika (2nd year) and Pooja Chandran (4th year).


The competition ended with three questions to break the final tie, with Manik and Vikas emerging as the winners and Ramandeep and Ribhu Raj as the runners-up.

The write up was prepared by Aafreen Chaudhary, I year.

The pictures were clicked by Rakhi, II year. 


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