The ‘Others’ Among Us


“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ‘em.” – William Shakespeare

Having superpowers is something pretty much every one of us has dreamed of at one point or another. The compilation of the superpowers the ‘Others’ in our college possess, however, will make you question the veracity of Shakespeare’s claim. After all, what is great for the Other may not be great for another.


1. Invisibility The Sue Storms of the AIL universe aren’t superheroes as much as they are wallflowers or flies on the wall. They’re the nondescript, unremarkable, quiet busy bees that no one seems to notice. Their invisibility, however, also affords them the opportunity to be privy to all manner of news and information. Information that, if made public, could bring about a veritable war. You can only hope that they use their powers for good. Then again, goodness is subjective.



2. Hypnosis – Those who wield hypnosis as their weapon also possess a silver tongue and the ability to charm the pants off people. Their powers of persuasion are unrivalled. Bow down to the kin of Elektra and hope to God ( That would be Loki ) that you never cross paths with them.

3. Speed – They are lovers of speed (We all know which variety, of course). The Flashes and Quicksilvers of AIL have mastered the art of living…the fast life *cough,cough*


4. Impenetrable skin – I am going to pull a Cisco Ramone and christen these wonders of the AIL universe ‘Rhino Hides’. They are so thick-skinned that anything that is said to them bounces off their skin and dissipates into nothingness.

5. Anonymity

“I don’t know why people are so keen to put the details of their private life in public; they forget that invisibility is a superpower.”
– Bansky

This beloved artist wasn’t talking through his hat when he gave us that pearl of wisdom. He would know, as would a certain someone in the AIL universe,who prefers to go by the first letter of the English Alphabet, the power of anonymity. It affords a person a great deal of power when she knows everything about someone and there is not a soul that knows anything about her. It’s frightening, in fact. After all, the person who said that knowledge is power wasn’t kidding. Neither was Stan Lee, when he said “ With great power comes great responsibility.” Hope the Alpha takes this to heart.


The post was written by Samyukta Menon and Ananya Sharma, II year.


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