Thursday Diaries- Group Discussion

The first Intra-college activity of 2017 was conducted as a group discussion on 19th January. The competition was conducted in two levels, in the first level the participants were divided into two groups of 14 students each, out of which the top scoring 10 students were selected for the final round.img-20170120-wa0005

The topic in the first round for Group 1 was ‘Is India ready for a cashless economy?‘ whereas for Group 2 it was ‘The troops venting out their grievances on social media… have the troops failed the system or has the system failed the truth?’ Both these topics were based on the recent activities happening in the country and that ended up in a very interesting discussion by both the groups.img-20170120-wa0010

The topic selected for the final round was equally engaging and it wasn’t long before everybody got engrossed in a heated discussion. The topic for the final round was ‘Was banning Pakistani artists justified?’ At the end, two students from the 1st year namely, Aaryan and Omvir Singh, emerged as the runners up, while Rashmi Pandey, from the 3rd year, won the competition.

On the whole, the first intra-college activity of the year turned out to be a great success, with students learning a lot and looking forward to the other upcoming competitions.


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