Fury Jain ( Class of 2019 ) on getting selected as a Facilitator at Junior Eco-Engineering to be held at Seoul, Korea.


The Blue Pencil: Now that you’re in your 6th semester and have completed half of your time here in AIL, tell us about your experiences in this college? 

Fury Jain: The journey has been a good one, so far. AIL allows me to balance my academics with my co-curricular activities. It has given me the space to pursue my interests, for which I am grateful. I’ve always found the administration and faculty quite supportive.

TBP: We’d recently seen your post about the invitation to the Junior Eco -Engineering Academy, tell us something about it?

FJ: The Junior Eco-Engineering Academy is being hosted by Samsung Engineering at their Global Headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. The schedule for the six-day event includes expert lectures, workshops, presentations and discussions on, inter alia, sustainable development, energies of the future and petrochemical energy, followed by excursions for cultural experience in an around Seoul. As Facilitator, I will be involved in mentoring the participants and leading the discussions and workshops, in cooperation with Samsung’s Eco-generation Team.

TBP: What did you have to do in order to get that invitation?

FJ: Samsung opened a worldwide call for applications in September last year. One had to fill in the Application and submit it along with one’s Curriculum vitae and an essay on the given topic. Applicants were first shortlisted on the basis of their essays, graded by a team of academicians. The finalists were decided on the basis of their CV, and invited for an interview. I am fortunate to have been selected as one of the five Facilitators, with my colleagues joining me from Indonesia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

TBP: Having completed half of your course, have you decided what you want to do after finishing college?

FJ: Realizing that you’re already halfway through is a bit intimidating, I must say. I find international law quite interesting, though I’m keeping my options open for now.

TBP: Finally, any suggestions for your juniors? 

FJ: Have faith, and dare to experiment. Don’t be disheartened by failure. Find out what drives you, and never hesitate in asking for help.


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