Looking Through the Portal

Even though it became pretty big a deal when it was introduced, E-shiksha  somewhere lost its so called importance. Teacher’s favorite and authority’s sole hope could gather hype only for a month or two. However E-shiksha only proved to be troublesome for the students. In spite of the whopping riches that E-shiksha costed us, we failed to use even half of its features and ‘perks.’ E-shiksha, being student oriented, nonetheless could have been of great use. It was meant to tip us off with the matters pertaining to our attendance, syllabus, assignments, college notices, messing data, hostel information, out passes, fees and a lot more. However, it was used only for the purpose of fees payment and online attendance, which in turn, both beard out to be onerous.

The teachers were supposed to upload the attendance online during their lectures, so as to eliminate the manual paperwork, however, the imperishable problem of WiFi connectivity became a hindrance to the same. The attendance once uploaded couldn’t be altered, so it was assumed that teachers can’t err. All lecturers were provided with tabloids which are now good to be locked up in their drawers. Because of the ‘ your ward was absent’ messages, yes students did end up attending lectures, however adding to the ruckus, at times messages said that the student was absent for the whole day even if it was just about one lecture. Students did have a hard time trying to convince their parents about that.IMG-20170118-WA0002.jpg

The question of fees suddenly became too worriment. It can totally be showcased as the most unsecured form of ‘convenience.’ It was very much successful in goofing up large amounts, which generated a lot of burden for the accounts department.

In all, a lot more of benefit could have been generated out of this effort to go digital, but in no sense did it do justice to the fancy value that we paid for it.


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