Thursday Diaries- Talent Hunt

The new year had an integrative and interesting start with the cultural gathering which  included enthusiastic participation from all the batches. So instead of starting the new semester with yet another boring Thursday afternoon lecture, a Cultural event was organized.

The first performance was a play titled, “The Patriots of India,” scripted by the very talented trio of Garima Dikshit(Ist year), Kamal Kaur(IInd year) and Rashmi Pandey(IIIrd year). This was followed up by a very energetic performance by the first year girls who danced to the tunes of latest upbeat songs. IMG_0143.JPGIMG_0183.jpg

Next up, there was a hilariously entertaining performance by the senior most batch, Isha Mehrotra, Shreya Vajpei, Ganeev Kaur, Madhavi Sandhu, Sunayana Bhatnagar and Ruhi Kaushik who sang an innovative rendition of Bollywood classics crossing off a long overdue item from their college bucket list: to sing on stage before passing out.The third performance of the day was an amazingly choreographed and synchronized performance by the second years, which was followed by a greatly energetic Bhangra performance by Shubhkaram Singh(Ist year), which brought the audience on its feet.

The elated and zealous aura was augmented by a mesmerizing guitar performance by the musical connoisseurs of the college, Alankar Sharma(Vth year), Aaron Jacob Alex(IIInd year), Aleqshendra Bhadoria(IIInd year) and Shaurya Gulati(Ist year).A melodious performance by Gaurav Hooda(IIInd year), Shivalik Thaman(IIInd year) and Aaryan(Ist year) got everyone serenading to the tunes of age old favorites.

Furthermore, musical performances by Aafreen Choudhary(Ist year) along with Jivantika(IInd year) and Garima Bhadoria(Ist year) brought the event to a highly joyous and radiant conclusion. Honorary mentions of the afternoon were Puneetish Kaur(Vth year), Pradeep Kumar(Vth year) and Manik Gupta(Vth year) who enthralled the audience with their ecstatic dancing.

The write up was submitted by Kainat Singh (Ist  year).

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