Things of the Past – Part 2

This edition of Things of the Past features:

Number 1: Mid Semester Examination


Well another academic shocker was the change in the mid semester examination pattern. No more could the junior batches say that, “Arre, mid-terms ke liye kon padhta hai!!” While it seemed to be an ideal change in the beginning, the loop holes could only be found afterwards.  Striking of the two mid-term exam pattern, one pre-semester exam was introduced. It was hypothesized to be a practice for the final semester exams; however it turned out to be challenging both for the students and the teachers. One on hand, the syllabus refused to finish even till the last working day, and on the other, the students were expected to mug up the whole course in one night.

Number 2: Moots and Seminars for the Third year


At this point in the semester until last year every third year would be running from room to room to get their memorials completed, but this year they were just trying to complete their projects. NO MOOTS AND NO SEMINARS. This poses the grave question of how is the present third year going to learn to research and use MS word? But whatever the present state is, it gives every third year another chance to cut, copy and paste their projects, saving them from the hard work.

Number 3: E Shiksha


Remember the time when you thought that coming to hostel meant freedom from parental control? Well lo and behold the E-shiksha app. Now you just don’t get detained anymore, for every class you miss your parents receive an automated message of this ‘cardinal sin’ you committed. And that’s not it; apparently you also get assigned your projects and daily home work online. But from pronouncing the name of the app to taking attendance and uploading it, our faculty struggled with the Application. Even the Parents cursed it when paying the fees turned into a complete nightmare.

Now, great things were expected out of this App, however all that effort  went down the drain when it failed miserably.

This post was written with help of the contributions of Mamta Bhadu, III year and Annie Sharma, II year.



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