Introducing – Things of the Past

It is said that all great changes are preceeded by chaos. The AIL Fraternity experinced a lot of changes this years. Some were welcomed with open arms while some were not. Let’s say the number of them welcomed with open arms were comparitively less.  We normally conceive of a year as a fairly long duration of time. In human terms, a lot can happen in a stretch of 365 (or so) days. Seriously, if you were to compare the age of the Universe to a single year, it would be like comparing a human lifetime to 0.2 seconds. Well now we have around 400 students that makes it 80 seconds, um. We understand that the universe doesn’t really give a whole lotta damn about our problems but we take them very seriously and hence we will put them up so that some of us can cherish old memories.




We hope to see you and that this brings back some old memories for you!





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