The Gentlemen’s Cup-Day III

The last day of the league was 26th October at 1600 hrs at the AIL Sports Ground. After which would be the finals. 

First match of the evening was between Gen Nutties and Super S*x Bombs, captained by Amanpreet Singh and Rishab Bhatt respectively. Manish Choudhary from the fourth year, took up the task of being the referee for the same.

Even after losing two of their matches in the league, the Gen Nutties played their last match in the best way possible. The first team to open their account for the day were the Gen Nutties when Amanpreet Singh scored a goal, early in the first half of the match. Finally both the teams were at par with each other when the league’s golden boy, Rishab Bhatt scored for his team. Both, the spectators and teams, could sense the thrill in the air as the match closed with equal scores at the half time. Shortly after this, the teams tried to break through the other team’s defense and score a goal in any way possible to avoid the penalty shootouts. With just 10 minutes left for the game to end, Akshay Rathaur, much to the delight of everyone from his team GNFC, got his team another goal. The match ended with a total score of two goals for GNFC and only one for SSBFC. Gen Nutties is the only team in the entire league to have defeated the S*x Bombs. 

The other match to follow was between Leave My Arselona FC and Dhurandar FC led by Ishaan Saran and Himmat Singh respectively with Rishab Bhatt as the referee. This was one of the most crucial match as the winner of this match would proceed to the finals to play against the S*x Bombs. Parth Chaudhari from DFC scored a goal in the first half and DFC tried their level best to not to let the other team score. Ishaan Saran soon, in the second leg of the match broke his team’s spell and brought the teams at an equal score, which stayed on till the end of the match. With penalty shootouts next in line, the spectators gathered around the goal and saw both the teams fighting for their honor. Two goals missed by DFC in the penalty shootouts proved to be lucky for the LMAFC as they marched on to the finals to be played on 27th October 2016.

The article was submitted by Parika Bhardwaj. 


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