The Gentlemen’s Cup-Day II

The first match on the second day of the Gentlemen’s Cup started at 1545 hrs at the AIL Sports Ground. First match of the evening, refereed by Amanpreet Singh, began with Dhurandar FC playing against Super S*x Bombs captained by Himmat Singh and Rishab Bhatt respectively.

While keeping the other day’s match on their mind, the Dhurandars made sure that the S*x Bombs were  checked carefully and not set loose. The tempo of the match was really high with both the teams pushing for a goal that would see them through. Eventually it was Rishab Bhatt’s goal which came off a pass by Parth Chopra in the first half. The match got even more exciting after the goal and with the Dhurandars outing all into their attack, all that was left for the S*x Bombs was to maintain a tight defense which they successfully did and thus, were able to contain the opposition’s threat. The S*x Bombs because of this show of talent, sailed to their second consecutive victory and became the only team in the league, so far, to have won both of their matches.

The second match of the evening was between Gen Nutties FC and Leave My Arselona FC, captained by Amanpreet Singh and Ishaan Saran respectively. This match was refereed by Himmat Singh. This adrenaline fuelled match kept the spectators on the edge of their awkward sitting positions as both the teams fought to break the other team’s defence and score a goal. Ishaan Saran from the LMAFC was the first one to break the spell, as he kicked the ball past the Nutties’ goalkeeper. Shortly after this, GNFC were awarded a free kick after the other team managed a foul, which resulted in a goal, much to the delight of the members and owners of GNFC in the first half. Things went for a spin when Ishaan scored yet another goal, giving the other team a panic attack. Gen Nutties missed several other opportunities by missing the net by mere centimetres. The match closed with a total of two goals for LMAFC and one for GNFC.


This update was brought to us by Parika Bhardwaj.


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