The Gentlemen’s Cup-2016

The Football league is probably the most awaited sports event at AIL. It involves bidding for players, where the highest bidder gets rights to the player who play for their team with the use of capital and henceforth doing away with the point system. This year the league goes by the name-The Gentlemen’s Cup. Four teams will be competing against each other, which are Super S*x Bombs FC, Leave My Arselona FC, Dhurandar FC and Gen Nutties FC.

The auction was held on 14th October 2016, where each team owner was hoping to make the best team possible. The players were divided into four categories namely, College First XI, Capped Players, Squad Players and Freshers.

The most expensive player of this year’s league is Devandra Bhanwariya from the fourth year and was sold to Leave My Arselona FC for Rs. 1950/- The prize money distribution for the league is Rs. 5000/- for the winner of the league stage and additional Rs. 10000/- for the winner of the final stage.

The league will see participation from all college players, most of whom have represented the college in one or more tournaments. 40 players have been bought by 4 teams, which are co-owned by the 4th and the 2nd Year students.

The league commenced on Monday, 24th October, 2016 at the AIL Sports Ground.

This article was submitted by Parika Bhardwaj.


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