Thursday Diaries-Evils of Honor Killing in India

This Thursday’s Activity session was a lecture by Prof. Anil Kumar Thakur on “Examining the Evils of Honor Killing in India through the Prisms of Gender Justice and Modern Constitutionalism”. Mr. Thakur is the assistant professor at the Department of Laws, Punjab University where he teaches jurisprudence and constitutional law. His excellence in the field of law is prevalent through his many research papers and a dissertation titled “Legislative and Administrative Relationship between Union and State”.

Prof. Thakur enlightened the students with a great juxtaposition between gender roles, their unequal biological and legislative positions, one major example being Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code. He also spoke about how constitutionalism lacks a strong hold outside the urban domain and its effects on the rural mindsets. What was especially intriguing and refreshing, was his very meticulously correlated point of view regarding legislative gender inequality and constitutionalism being directly proportional to the increasing ratio of honor killings in present day India. The session was incredibly interactive and also entertaining as various video clips were played during the presentation in order to help the students understand the gravity of the situation that is going on in our society nowadays. It was an honor to see him share his exemplary thoughts with us.

The write up was submitted by Kainat Singh (Ist Year)


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