Just as we were preparing to dwell into the festivities that October has to offer, neither of us for a minute second even contemplated that AIL could face a situation which would raise not only alarm bells but serious security concerns for its students. Just as I sit in the comforts of my house and my city  with the world’s second largest Army bearing the brunt of the world’s longest issue, that of Kashmir between India and Pakistan, it is something unimaginable to be the subject of a planned conspiracy by the ones stationed behind that very controversial Radcliffe Line.
On 18th October 2016, the HEXLOOK PAKISTAN CYBER ATTACKERS, sought an opportunity to hack the official college website that is and took the chance to post the goriest of messages about the organisation that our fathers have spent more than half of their lives in. To start with the page was filled with BOLD messages like, LOVE PAKISTAN, LOVE MUSLIM AND LOVE PAK ARMY. These messages were followed by the following which was mentioned in the Latest news and Events section:
As much as this scared many of us, considering the fact that AIL is an Army Institute and can be on the destructive radar of the anti national and anti social forces, in simple words terrorist organisations, it also raised some deep concerns which the college hasn’t paid heed to till now. Considering how Pakistan’s record is, in terms of surprisal strikes it won’t be astonishing if something like the Peshawar tragedy is planed for our institute. Now whether this is an exaggeration of the mind or a tip enough to prepare us, it sure does send a signal that we aren’t safe and that if mock drills and extra security isn’t brought in then we all could suffer.
The Hackers obviously have been slow enough to not realise that AIL rather than being under the Indian Army or being an ARMY college is under the Punjabi University. Their ever so idiotically dumb selves also forgot to realise that India is a secular country and that when they write LOVE MUSLIM they extend their love to the 14.23% Muslims who are INDIANS by the way. This clearly goes on to show how they can only work on irrational logics and try and create a furore with actions that the entire world condemns.
Also, regarding expressing solidarity with Kashmir, well they better need to know that the idea of Kashmiriyat, Jhamooriyat and Insaaniyat are ideals which can only be followed if Kashmir stays with India or attains independence.In a country that struggles to write a constitution, breeds terrorists- the idea of Kashmir with it is a figment of Pakistan’s obstinate imagination. Its easy to instigate uneducated hackers like the HEXLOOK HACKERS because they probably are themselves unaware about the theory of strategic depth that Pakistan follows in the context of Bangladesh, India and Afghanistan. They provide their soil for preparing militants to keep the three countries unstable. So probably when Pakistan discards and stops breeding these terrorists can India repeal AFSPA in Kashmir.
Anyway, whatever this was or is- Maybe the lull before the storm or a thud loud enough, there is one thing for sure that in this world of cyber attacks, that there surely are no boundaries,
Safety is a myth, isn’t it?
The opinion was submitted anonymously.

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