Thursday Activity – Group Discussion

The Thursday activity, for this week was a Group Discussion, on the topic: Giving a New Direction to Indian Foreign Policy. The moderators for this event were Pooja Chandran (4th year) and Bhavdeep Modi (4th year). The activity was divided into two rounds, the preliminary and the finals. The participants were divided into two groups, in the preliminary round, Group A, discussed about the Peace and Security in Context with the Indian Foreign Policy and Group B discussed the Economic Policy of India vis-a-vis the Foreign Policy of India. The crowd encouraged the participants with enthusiasm and exuberance.


The best six qualified for the final round and discussed the main topic, Giving a New Direction to the Indian Foreign Policy. The first place in this competition was a tie between Vikas Nagal (4th Year) and Kainat Singh (1st Year). Aafreen Chaudhary (1st Year) was declared as the runner-up. The audience’s queries regarding the topics advanced, were also resolved to their full satisfaction. Overall, it was an interactive session and proved to be an enlightening experience for all those who witnessed it.


The write up was submitted by- Tulika Bose (Ist year)


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