Deepak Chaudhary (Class of 2007) on clearing the civil services exam and AIL

Deepak Chaudhary is from the class of 2007. He recently cleared the UPSC examination with AIR of 681 and is currently serving as the Assistant Commissioner (Income Tax), Mussorie. In this interview, he talks about AIL and the civil services exam.

Deepak Chaudhary (Class of 2007)

Shreya Vajpei: Did you always decide to study law?

Deepak Chaudhary: Yes, I always wanted to study law. Primarily because it is one of the best optional subject for civil services, it is a good backup option and lastly because my father is also a lawyer.

SV: How was your journey at AIL? What made you college life exciting? Share with us some memorable experiences.

DC: AIL was one of the high points of my life, I got the opportunity to meet some of the best people there, I treasure my friends from college, AIL had some of the best seniors and some of the best juniors . The Faculty and friends made my life exciting. Anjana Kakkar Ma’am was one of the finest faculties I have ever met. The Sports meet at Patiala was one of the most memorable moments where my batch won all gold medals in track events. The stay at patiala for first year was awesome, night outs at river side dhabas, Bada Gopal and Chota Gopal at patiala, sitting on the banks of Bhakra river! Mohali was also good, a metropolitan life with all the amenities but equally scattered. I AM A PROUD AILIAN.

SV: What were your major interests as a law student?

DC: Major interests were reading case laws, specially pertaining to the Indian Constitution and Criminal law. And research work.

SV: How did you go about preparing for the exam?

DC: I use to prepare every topic, and I use to write at least five to six cases in every answer. I remember I wrote 36 cases in law of torts in the first semester of the first year and scored highest marks in my class. For civil services I followed the same strategy, I prepared every topic and for my optional paper my focus was on studying the case laws and bare acts. I attended coaching classes in Delhi aw well.

SV: Is it necessary to start preparing for the exam during law school?

DC: One of the reasons for doing law was, I knew that at one point of time I will appear in Civil Services Examination and I wanted law as an optional subject. Hence I made my notes accordingly and when I appeared in 2015 for the exam I had same old notes which I prepared during my college days i.e from 2002 – 2007. Therefore I would say, one should be clear with her/his aim in life and accordingly one should prepare, be an early bird. The sooner you start the sooner you reach the destination. Yes, one should start in the college days.

SV: Which of these services do you plan to join and why?

DC: I will join the Indian Revenue Services, the reason behind is that my legal background will really help me there. My first love was Army but I couldn’t get through SSB, else I would have loved to join the Special Forces (SF) of the Indian Army.

SV: How do you think your law school education will help you at work?

DC: Yes definitely, not only education in terms of academics but also the values I got from my alma mater. I will primarily deal in tax laws, where legal acumen I developed at the College will help me more than anything else.

SV: Lastly, any advice for students at AIL planning to pursue a career as a civil servant.

DC: Start early, be honest to yourself, and work hard with full zeal and sincerity. Don’t keep an option B, because you will reach where you will aim. We are always there to assist all our juniors in whatever ways we can.


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