Introduction to IPR Law- Thursday Diaries

“Speed and accuracy will always give you a winning edge”

On 23rd of October the college hosted a workshop on introduction to core IPR laws in the multipurpose hall. This lecture was delivered by Mr. Ajay Sahni who has been practicing exclusively in matters relating to Intellectual Property Rights at the Supreme Court, High Court, District Court, and Tribunal levels throughout India. He has been the guest speaker on Intellectual Property Laws at various forums and institutions.DSC07112.JPG

Unlike what students expect from most afternoon lectures this one was full of laughter and anecdotes. Between the gaiety he enlightened us about the IPR laws and took us through each element of the same. He discussed copyrights, trademarks and patents with the essence of humour and with the assistance of a well formulated presentation. Amusing cases of IPR, his own experiences were shared with the students; one such incidence was the naming of a battery company now known as Okaya, he talked about how it was named in his presence “this has nothing to do with Japan. ‘Okay product aaya’, lead to,  Okaya”

Overall it was an enlightening session and the audience was obliged to be addressed by Mr. Ajay Sahni. DSC07111.JPGDSC07107.JPG


Write up was submitted by Riya Kothari (Ist Year)


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