Thursday Diaries – Ensuring Safe and Standardized Food

The Thursday activity for this week was a lecture on the topic “Ensuring Safe and Standardised  Food: An analysis of  FSSAI Act,2006”, by guest speaker, Prof Sashi Kulbhusan Sharma. He is currently working as a faculty member in Chandigarh Judicial Academy, he was earlier a Professor in the Department of Law in Punjab University and has a teaching experience of 15 years. He has also been designated as Secretary, Punjab, Haryana & Chandigarh State Unit of Indian  Law Institute.

Prof  Sashi began his lecture with the question, “How much do you know about safe and good food?” In rest of the lecture, sir informed the students about various laws and policies which have been laid down to prevent adulteration in food items and to ensure the quality and nutrition in food. In the end, a few students cleared their doubts, and everybody went back with a lot more information than what they had come in with.

Write up was submitted by Ashmita Maan (Ist year)


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