Walking the Ethical Talk- Thursday Diaries

On the afternoon of 15th September 2016 , Mr. Krishna Mohan, an IAS officer and the former home minister of Chandigarh government was invited to Army Institute of Law, Mohali, to deliver a lecture on the subject of ethics and values. He begun with how principles play a crucial role in bringing a change in the prevalent system of governance. Moving on with how moral standards are paramount in delivering justice in the legal circuit he, with the help of  a  powerpoint presentation, presented situational conflicts to the students giving them time to think and arrive at  logical yet ethical decisions. A couple of very moving videos were played, exhibiting the urgency to bring in a wholesome administrative system, being run by morally upright citizens. Stating examples from history, politics and  day to day life, he explained his point of walking the virtuous path regardless of the repercussions that might follow .

In the concluding words of Mr. Krishna Lal,”If you do it, do it the right way. If not, let the wrong be left.”

Write-up was submitted by Trisha Nag (Ist year)


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