The Blue Pencil Alumni AMA Session 2: Monisha Mahajan (Class of 2004)

Ms. Monisha Mahajan from the Batch of 1999-2004, started her career as a Junior Associate with Advocate Puneet Bali. After which she went on to join Mindsprings (India) Pvt. Ltd. a company which deals with issues and disputes of NRI’s and is the Partner and Director of the same.

Monisha began the talk by sharing some experiences she had as a student of the very first batch of the college. She told the students how far the college has come from the time when the students used to wear uniform on all days with name plates on, with only a big hall and some classrooms and a small administrative staff with no clue whatsoever as to how run a Law school. However with time she said her batch realized the importance of internships and made efforts to network with people who would eventually help them out in the “real” world.


She emphasized on how Internships are an integral part in shaping any student’s future. Experience is not the only thing that a student gains from an internship but also gets an opportunity to network with people who are in the position to not only teach more but also help out with future internships and eventually placements. She also encouraged students to communicate more with the alumni of the college as they are eager to help them out with internships.
Ma’am ended the talk on the note that as a student she never believed that the sky was the limit for success however that notion changed once she stepped out of college as with hard work, persistence and commitment one can achieve whatever may.


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