In order to inculcate the essential qualities required in the legal profession and to give a glimpse to students about what the world of law is all about, Army Institute of Law, Mohali organised a Moot Court Competition for the first year batch. The students were briefed about the intricacies of mooting through various sessions hosted by the student members of the Moot Court Society. The students were taught to use various online as well as offline resources in order to research for their case.

The preliminary rounds of the Novices Moot Court Competition were held on 7-8th September 2016. The students were judged on the basis of  knowledge of facts and law, proper and articulate analysis, extent and use of research, clarity and organization, citation of sources and grammar and style. On the basis of the scores awarded to the teams, eight teams moved on to the quarter finals which were held on 9th September 2016. The four winning teams in the quarter finals were selected for the semi-finals which were held on the same day.  The teams which qualified for the final were of Aafreen Choudhary, Kainat Singh and Lokendra Singh, Rajendra Bhargava.

The finale of Novices 2016 was organised in the Multi Purpose Hall on 12th September 2016. The judges for the event were Mrs Ramneek Kaur ( Assistant Prof of Law, Army Institute of Law), Mr. Sukant Gupta ( Advocate, Punjab and Haryana High Court) and Mr. Sameer Sachdev ( Advocate, Punjab and Haryana High Court). After thorough contemplation on the arguments placed before the judges by the finalists, the winners under various categories were declared as :-

Best Team :- Aafreen Choudhary and Kainat Singh

Runners up Team :- Lokendra Singh and Rajendra Bhargava

Best student Advocate :- Navnoor Brar

2nd Best student Advocate :- Garima Dikshit

Best Memorial :- Tulika Bose

2nd Best Memorial :- Nritika Sangwan and Riya Kothari

The Novices Moot Court Competition proved to be a vital step to initiate students into the world of law. The experience gained through this competition would certainly aid students in their future prospects.

Write up was prepared by Shashank Mishra (Ist year)


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