AIL shines at Delhi International MUN 2016

The Delhi International Model United Nations 2016, the first edition was organized at the Clarks Inn hotel on 27 August 2016 and 28th August 2016 with more than 500 delegates. The MUN had 6 committees namely, UNICEF, CSW, UNHRC, DISEC, UNSC and AIPPM. The conference offered the delegates the chance to debate pressing global issues.

The Agenda for the UNICEF was ‘ The Socio Cultural status of the migrant Children’. Vikas Nagal, from the 4th year, as the delegate of Syria was awarded the coveted Best delegate in the UNICEF and in addition to this he shall also chair at KabulMUN this October. Bhavdeep Modi, from the 4th year, was the rapporteur for the UNICEF and will also be going to the KabulMUN this October as a rapporteur.


Surbhi Ojha and Shashank Mishra from the 2nd and the 1st year respectively were awarded the Special Mention in the same committee.


The agenda for the UNHRC was ‘ The Human Rights violations in Black sites’. Trisha Sharma from the 2nd year, the delegate of Argentina was awarded the Special Mention.The agenda for the CSW was ‘Addressing the gender gap in developing nations’. Ananya Sharma, from the 2nd year, the delegate of Mexico was awarded the High Commendation.




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