Thursday Diaries: Scene 1

(The MPH is full of students and teachers, slight hooting, seniors at the back and juniors in the front, as says tradition.)

Hastily ran the students, to make their way to the MPH, the lazy afternoon making it ever so hard. What was riveting though, was the topic for today’s lecture, ‘Limited Liability Partnership’ of which the freshers knew nothing about, by Dr Bharat. As Sir entered the hall and went up on stage, he assured everyone of an easily comprehend-able lecture, which sadly never turned to reality for the first year students.

He began on a strong note explaining Sole Proprietors as the ‘Amoeba of Business’. He encouraged building businesses to make India, a golden bird again. He elucidated that India is the fastest growing economy in the world, with overflowing potential in the form of its youth and resources, which also makes it the most desirable country to invest in. He then told the students about the Limited Liability Partnership Bill, which was finally signed and passed by the President on 7th Jan, 2009 and became an act. After this introduction, he even explained how ideas or simple alliances can end up becoming empowering partnerships, which are beneficial to all parties involved.

‘The names Rohan- Mohan, Seeta-Geeta are not authentic names for which reason they are deemed useless.’ he said, when addressing questions regarding names to keep for a partnership base. To build up everyone’s interest, he even asked the minimum investment required to form such a partnership, which wasn’t at all followed by the most awkward silence and futile prompting on Sir’s side.

The session finally ended with a Q and A session, in which Sir reiterated the fact that, persistent efforts go a long way; And urged us to not give up, and to remember always, in the hard times, that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

(Sir is escorted out amidst claps and cheers, the curtain falls)



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