Formal Intro – 2016

On 11th August 2016, the Formal Introduction of the first year students took place in the MP Hall. The formal intro, which wasn’t really formal, is yet another tradition that is followed in AIL. All the first years were eagerly waiting for their immediate seniors to come and help them with their exceptional make-overs. This yet again was another way of connecting with their buddy seniors and the other batches.  The event began with the students entering the hall with their energy levels at peak, roaring their respective slogans at the top of their lungs. the whole of the Academic Block was quivering with the liveliness.  IMG-20160811-WA0005.jpg

The crowd present there encouraged and welcomed the newest members into the AIL family. The ceremony started with each student going up on the stage and introducing themselves to the faculty and the senior students, followed by dancing for about half a minute on a song. The event was just as fun and entertaining for the audience as much as it was for the ones taking part in it. And before dusk, the first year students had new identities for themselves …  AILites.


The write-up was submitted by Disha Dhankhar.


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