The Blue Pencil Symposium: Day 5 – Entrepreneurship/NGO/Sports

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Session 1: Entrepreneurship

On the last day of the Blue Pencil symposium entrepreneurship and its scope in the legal profession was the first topic which was brought onto the floor by Manik Gupta. He emphasized on the overlooked entrepreneurial potential of the legal profession and the traditional stigmas attached to it. The intermix of technology and law, he believes, would be at the forefront of the next big change. Reminiscing on his third year he shares his success story which included starting an online legal service platform due to the inability of finding a good online legal service provider and getting selected for the Global Entrepreneurial Summit where people from across the world share their ideas regarding the utilization of technology. He stated that the access to legal services was a need of companies big and small, thus, they expanded themselves into the field of contracts, picking up clients offline, starting an outsourcing platform and so on.

He reiterates that the ideas that remain in one’s mind hold no value, the key to finding success is starting out by finding a need that exists and building a product around it that can fill the gap in the market and fix this need.

Ease of access and transparency is the crux of a successful start-up. He wrapped up with the suggestion to look beyond the ironically limited horizon and developing a hunger for experimentation.

Session 2 : NGO

In the second session Madhvi Sandhu and Muskaan Maharia, both having done extensive work in the social field, talked to the students about working in a nonprofit organisation.

They spoke about starting their own organisation named ‘Stop the shame’ which was created in the aftermath of the Delhi gang rape. They also talked about different social organisations that the students could work in that would give them the satisfaction of working for the society. Different NGOs like MAD (Make a Difference) which works towards the education of children living in shelter homes so that they have an equitable outcome i.e. reach at least the lower middle income level after leaving the shelter homes were spoken about at length. They spoke about their own bitter sweet experiences of working with not for profit organisations and how at the end of the day the smiles that they bring is all that counts for.

They inspired the students to put their “vella time” and restless energy in the direction that motivates them.

Session 3: Sports

The end to the fruitful symposium was marked by a comprehensive and illustrative discussion about sports by the very talented Viraj Kadam and Tanmay Sharma. They brought light to the working of Sports Fests and the life of an AIL sportsperson. The mantra according to them with regards to a successful balancing act is “Time Management”.

A true sportsperson in accordance to them understands the very basic essence of time and how something as small as a 5 minute “extra-time” in any game be it cricket, football etc can be the deciding factor between who emerges victorious and who doesn’t.

Juxtaposing the various sports fests, they further went on to explain the value of sports fests certificates on the CV of an avid player, Spiritus sports fest by NLSIU Bangalore, The Magnus by OP Jindal Law School etc. were mentioned just to name a few. Progressing further the topic of Law with regards to sports came up.

Sport’s Law and its understanding in relation with research papers and moots was too touched upon. The most crucial part was the role of sports in the holistic development of an individual. Sports not only makes one physically fit and mentally comfortable with his or her surroundings but also teaches the individual the spirit of jest and leadership while simultaneously accommodating other members opinions in obtaining a common goal. The symposium wrapped up with kind words, constant encouragement to participate and also never giving up no matter what the cost.

The write-up was prepared by Kainat Sharma and Riya Kothari.



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