The Blue Pencil Symposium: Day 4 – Judiciary/Litigation

Hoshiyar! Khabardar!
Adaalat mei karvahi shuru hone jaa rahi hai.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 15.01.06

Session 1: Judiciary

The fourth day of the symposium was much awaited by the budding judges of various batches. The students were addressed by Subah Khanna, a 5th year student, who herself is preparing for judiciary. She helped the students get acquainted with the judicial exam system, which consists of a preliminary exam, a mains exam and finally the interview. Galvanizing the audience, she told everyone that cracking judiciary requires nothing but the ability to read through the lines, persistence and hard work coupled with smart work.
She also informed everyone about the various subjects that are covered in the judiciary papers, which range from state to state and include topics like Hindu law, CPC, CrPC, Jurisprudence, Torts etc.

The whole session was a fairly bilateral dialogue, where inquisitive minds literally ate up ma’am’s head with all sorts of questions. (So sorry)

One invaluable tip given to the students was to study throughout the semesters which can help them build on their knowledge throughout law school, which will help cut down time required for future preparation.

Best of luck with that though. She also advised the students to not rush into joining coaching institutes, and to put in ample groundwork first.

Session 2: Litigation

Sushant Kareer and Agni Das were the next speakers.
They opened with a simple question.
‘Who is a litigator?’
Simply put, litigators are those who interpret the law and assist the judges in dispensing justice.

They talked about the three pillars that everyone faces in litigation that includes, building a clientele, arguing in the court and manipulating the judges. (And I mean this in the most virtuous manner) .
As said in Suits by Harvey Specter, ‘Don’t play the odds, play the man.’

They both told the students that litigation was all about ‘Street Smarts’ and not about being a bookworm. That was followed by a joke, which sadly whizzed passed everyone’s head and was followed by laughs that died down too quickly. The pointers they gave included being crisp and precise while arguing, and to not dander the judge. They asked the students not to let stereotypical litigators (The ones with a ‘Chaata’ and the ‘Chetak’) cloud their judgement about litigation.
They also suggested approaching lawyers for internships because there is always space for one more underpaid intern.

Boosting everyone’s fortitude, they assured triumph because:
1. We have amazing seniors and an ever helping alumni. (3×3 cheers)
2. We have the backing of Punjabi University and if there is a God, thou shall have thy semester results.
3. The world is at AIL. (Where are you?)


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