Thursday Activity : Singing Competition

The eventful year began with the AIL Singing Competition. Bewildered and doused in excitement the students from all batches especially the newly inducted first year, put their prepping hats on and began to embark upon the first conquest of the session. The competition proved to be a remarkable success as a large number of students came forward leaving their inhibitions behind, enthusiastically. The audience too proved to be exceptionally motivating and was a great confidence booster during the entirety of the quasi-ice breaking session, encouraging the participants to perform to the best of their abilities. It was not long, before the multi-purpose hall started resonating with peppy harmonies from various genres that brought everyone together, irrespective of batches. The meaning behind being a member of the AIL family only became truer, accentuated and more welcoming as the crowd cheered and sang along with the very talented participants.


Impressed with the enthusiastic participation and furthermore, with the amazing performances our esteemed judges Dr. Kamaljit Kaur and Prof. Bajirao Rajwade, put an end to the dilemma by announcing the much awaited and anticipated results. The awards in the solo category were bagged by the very well deserving Mriganka Bhakay and Shivalik Thaman from the third year who won the first and second position respectively, and in the Group category the first and the second places were bagged by Tavish Gurung and Deepeesh Sharma from the fourth year, and Sankalp and Mannat from the second year respectively.  The singing competition gave a cheerful opening to the new session.

Submitted by – Kainat Singh (Ist year)



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