The Blue Pencil Symposium: Day 2 -Placements/MUNs/Summer Schools/ Research Papers

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Session 1: Placements/Resume

That is what our seniors are geniuses at.
(And I wasn’t talking about the song; this is serious.)

The second day of the Blue Pencil Symposium kicked off with a very cogent talk from Shreya Vajpei, who is the perfect example of beauty with brains. Having done several internships, moots and other competitions, it was more than enlightening when she told the students about the significance of interning. She also suggested ways with which we could build our CV the right way, including throwing ourselves under the bus and taking risks, for nothing is achieved where fear prevails.

She told us to make use of our first year and to begin with, look for internships in NGOs or even District courts, to gain experience.

Rather than a conventional harangue, she gave the students pragmatic tips, such as forming contacts and maintaining them, interfacing with people while we intern and also to work hard at everything to maintain a reputation and learn from others.

But the golden question in everyone’s mind was, ‘How in the world do we manage our attendance in a college, that won’t even give leave to a girl who broke her foot and comes in a wheelchair?’, for which a solution was proposed.

‘In November you have your preparatory leave, along with holidays for Diwali. Take a few days off and together, they can cover the entire November. Use that month for interning.’

Session 2: MUNs/Summer Schools/ Research Papers

What followed was a session on MUNs, Summer School and Research Papers by Kudrat Dutta Chaudhary, (Are they all so pretty?!) which captured everyone’s attention, at the prospect of studying abroad, especially since we are studying in this ‘Class Apart’ college. (AIL, I AM FROM AIL) She told everyone about how one can apply and get through Summer schools, which can prove to be one of the most augmenting experiences in one’s life.

Summer schools (although winter is coming), she said, not only help us become academically tenacious, but also allow us to network with people coming from all corners of the world. Since the curriculum they follow is more research oriented, it also helps in polishing our analytical and probing prowess.

She also told us how MUNs help subjugating flop sweat while on the other hand, writing research papers helps in developing divergent yet precise perspectives.

As a taxing day came to an end, meddling minds sauntered out the hall; Some going to send their CV to Ram Jethmalani and others off to publish research papers.

The write-up was prepared by Afreen Chaudhary.



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