Orientation Week: The Inception of an Odyssey

As nervous faces entered the Seminar Hall, the bewilderment of each student became more than evident. However, this perplexity was coupled with vivaciousness, as everyone waited for the first address by the Principal, Dr Tejinder Kaur, to commence.

What followed was a lecture by Prof. Balram Gupta on, ‘Challenges of the Legal Profession’, where he exquisitely explained the significance of effective and articulate communication, along with developing an inquisitive mind. Thereafter, the students were briefed about the AIL culture by the Registrar, Col Harbinder Singh (Retd), that bolstered everyone to feel a little more serene.


What took everyone by surprise was the prudently planned Ice Breaking Session, which required the students to make groups and deliberate upon a skit, dance, song or advertisement they were to showcase to the judges. As anticipated, it lay the first stone towards potent synergy and the expression of erudite ideas.

The next day accorded the students a glimpse of the law curriculum, and what followed was a lecture by Prof. Vijay Nagpal on, ‘The Steps Towards the Goal of Joining the Discipline Of Law’, wherein he explained the colossal mistake of wasting time, that passes like cold wind on a hot day.

A dynamic lecture by Dr Rajesh Gill on, ‘The Relevance of Social Sciences in Understanding Law’ accentuated the need to deduce an inference of the society, so as to develop law, that is not only profound, but also vast enough to unriddle the most convoluted of circumstances. She brought to light the issues of Cyber Crime, Women Inequality and how Violating norms of our rudimentary society can be more catastrophic than violating the law itself. Thereafter, the students had an extempore, which administered to everyone, a chance to highlight their speaking skills and put forward their own conjectures.
The 3rd Day convened with a lecture on, ‘Celebrating Stress’ by Mr Simar Omkar where he counseled the students to prioritize their work, so as to dwindle their stress, and to manage their emotions to escalate their productivity as good samaritans. Henceforth, the students were told about the placements and moot court competitions at AIL, followed by an invigorating group discussion on a various range of topics, that sparked robust competition amongst all.

The last day included a session by Dr Deepti Gupta on, ‘Commmunication skills in Legal Profession’, where she reiterated the importance of tone and expression in speaking, and explained how language can be a ‘Prison House’, if one doesn’t know how to use it.

The day ended with a session on the library administration and felicitation of the Best Performers during the course of these four days.

The write up was prepared by Aafreen Choudhary.


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  1. Varun says:

    Do we still not have a principal?


    1. shreyavajpei says:

      An officiating one, yes.


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