Gurbani Buttar (Class of 2014) on being a lawyer and a fashion blogger

Gurbani Buttar is from the Class of 2014. During her time in college, she started the fashion blog – Spangle StreetIn this interview with Shreya Vajpei, she talks about her dual role as a lawyer and a fashion blogger.



Shreya Vajpei: Why did you choose law? And how did AIL happen?

Gurbani Buttar: I chose law because I was always intrigued by how it functions. I wanted to understand how lawyers devise legal solutions to various issues. Also, it seemed to be relatively easier as compared to other in-hand options after my 12th. I was obviously wrong because it’s one big deal!

SV: Looking back, what do you miss most about college?

GB: Surprisingly everything. BBC walks, UNO sessions in the cafe while eating Maggie, fights and strong friendships, hearty laughter and everything thereafter!

SV: You run a fashion blog – Spangle Street. How did it all start? What was the main inspiration behind it?

GB: It all started one fine day when I was sulking about something (random) in my hostel room. My friends always encouraged me to open up a blog and my parents were very excited about the idea. My friends and family referred to me as the in-house stylist. I started styling my own clothes since the age of 10. So the love for fashion effortlessly came to me since my childhood. Hence, I decided to put it down on paper through Spangle Street.


SV: To most people, law and fashion are two polar opposites. Do you hold the same belief?

GB: On the face of it, yes, it could be. But the beauty of “law” and “fashion” is that they both are very vast subjects. Today we have the option of studying our masters in Fashion Law. I would love to pursue that someday. So somewhere both terms aren’t alien to each other anymore. Fashion needs Law and Law needs a little bit of fashion ! 😛

As far as I am concerned, I am happily juggling between these 2 professions and loving every bit of it.Law firms can be hectic.

SV: Law firms can be hectic. How do you find the time to blog alongside office?

GB: Your Job is your job. You have to do all the tasks assigned to you and yes, that can be very hectic. But your passion will always give you ultimate satisfaction so it’s not difficult to take out time for it. I usually keep my Sundays for Spangle Street.

SV: Has law helped you with Spangle Street?

GB: Not exactly. That is because I do not mix both the professions. They both ask for a different side of me and that’s how I like to function.

SV: How do envision Spangle Street in the coming years?

GB: I want to keep it as real as possible and reach out as many people as possible. I also want to have a fashion label of my own, but, well, that’s a dream for now!

SV: What is the process of starting a fashion blog? What were the major hurdles you faced in the beginning?

GB: You just sign up! Have a concept in mind, recognize your own original style and stick to it. If you are good with your words, that’s a bonus because readers always get attracted to simple yet educative posts. I did not really face any problem except for the times we needed a place to shoot street style. (because, creeps!)

SV: So, any fashion advice for lawyers?

GB: Black and white is immensely Haute. Just do away with looking grumpy!

SV: Lastly, any advice for students who are contemplating alternative career choices?

GB: Be practical. Keep a job that is challenging and paying you well, but always make space for what you love. Save up and make a business plan. Then work towards making all your dreams come true. Never kill your passion!


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  1. Nick Carter says:

    GREAT …. going through your interview. Wish you happiness alwez…. TC


    1. shreyavajpei says:

      Thank you so much!


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