15 things every fresher in AIL must know (by present AILians)

With the batch of 2016-2021 just in, here are some important things they must always keep in mind and some really insignificant details that no one will sit down and tell you.

Gather ’round kids!


marshall, himym


1. Try Everything in the First year. “I’m just a first year” is the best excuse. [P.S. talking about moots, debates and stuff like that]



2. 6/10 is the market next to the college, BBC is the basketball court and TOI is the place between the single wing and the double wing of the Girl’s Hostel.

3. Don’t do up your room they’ll ask you to take everything down during checkmate.


4. There are going to be a lot of sessions by the MCS about Manupatra and SCC online, don’t worry if you don’t understand a thing. You can use Indian kanoon for the Novices, don’t mention it in the memo though. In short, the time during the Novice Moot Court is pretty tough.


5. Seniors will help you buttt be a little careful about who you ask help from.


6. You get student discounts here in the parlours and salons so try not wasting money by getting haircuts before you join.



7. College wifi:

a.) You can’t login with your ID in two devices.
b.) Log out when you move from one block to another, it will save you a lot of time and trouble.
c.) Oh and yes, it’s slow.




8. In the cafe and outside, he’s DADA. Don’t try calling him something else.



9. The one’s who don’t love mornings, you are going to fall short of attendance in the subjects before lunch. Trust me, you will.



10. Chill after the Semester exams, the results comes out after ages.


11. For girls-Make some good guy friends who can get your midnight orders from the main gate. In case you are wondering where to order from, we’ve got you covered. (Midnight Munchies – Top 4 places to order from when the hunger pangs hit)



12. Better learn how to control your smile, or else you will end up digging it or flushing it.


13. If something goes wrong in the Single wing it’s your fault. No matter who did it 🙂



14. Keep your head low, and hold your horses. Build good relations, which would help you in future. No point in getting into unwanted trouble.




15. Stay strong as a batch, because in the end they are the ones who will stay with you for 5 years.




Don’t worry, you’ll sail through college, even though you’d wish you were dead through most of it. 🙂
Don’t give up!




The tips were collated by Annie and Ananya Sharma.


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