Abhishek Kumar Bansal (Class of 2014) on bagging rank 493 in UPSC, 2015 and AIL

Abhishek Kumar Bansal is from the batch of 2009-2014. Upon graduation, he litigated while continously preparing for the civil services examination. He was one of the three AIL alumni that cleared the UPSC Examination, 2015. In this interview with Shreya Vajpei, he talks about his journey at AIL and the preparation phase for UPSC.


Abhishek Kumar Bansal (Class of 2014)


Shreya Vajpei: Did you always decide to study law?

Abhishek Kumar Bansal: Yes I always wanted to do law.

SV: How was your journey at AIL? 

AKB: AIL has a lot of surprises for you during your 5 years of law. Hostel life is one part of my life which I can never forget and especially my roommate Navpreet Singh Gill. And I think the friends you make in college determine how exciting your life was at college. Sunny, Rohan, Satwik, Karan and Abhishek and others were the ones with whom I enjoyed in college. A memorable moment would be when I was in my first year and I threw a bucket full of water on a 5th year senior from the roof (it was unintentional).

SV: What were your major interests as a law student?

AKB: Moot Courts and Article writing were two things I had my interest in the academic side but overall I had more interest in knowing new laws and judgments of the Apex Court.

SV: How did you go about preparing for the exam?

AKB: I started my preparation after I left the college in June. I was practicing law with my Uncle in High Court and was even assisting my Dad in his office so I used to have less time to study or even think of coaching. So I used to balance both these things. Then after my preliminary exam, I devoted all my time to the preparation.

SV: Is it necessary to start preparing for the exam during law school?

AKB: Yes I think it is very beneficial if you start studying for it during your college years. You have to face a very tough competition from students from IIT and AIIMS, who start very early in age, so why can’t law students start it during their college years.

SV: How do you think your law school education will help you at work?

AKB: Government Service is all about application of law in different fields. Being a lawyer it becomes a bit easier to know and understand situations an officer faces at work.

SV: Lastly, any advice for students at AIL planning to pursue a career as a civil servant?

AKB: Its very important to have only good people in your life. And you have to be curious in your entire journey. Take this preparation phase as a normal school examination. Be a good human being, it will help you not only in this exam but also in your life ahead as an officer.

Abhishek Kumar Bansal can be reached at bansal_abhishek@hotmail.com.


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