Thursday Activity – Inter-batch Dance Competition

And once again, the AIL students had an amazing opportunity to showcase their moves with the annual Batch Dance Competition. This is the most awaited competition in the college. After hours of hard work, practice and exertion, all the batches put up an amazing show.


The first years came up with a concept of a roller coaster ride. Their performance included various dance forms, starting with tribal; it went on to South Indian, Belle dancing, Jazz, Street hip hop, Bollywood.

The second years came up on the stage to share the tragic story of Jessica Lal murder case. So their dance projected scenes of dance bars, the protests and the plight of girls.

The third years, displayed the story of an army personnel. How he works hard to first get into forces, and then falls in love with a girl of her dreams, but his job leaves no time for him to be with his family.

The fifth years who were up on the stage for the very last time before their college life ended, danced their hearts out. They all danced on various peppy numbers which made the whole crowd dance along with them. Their performance was full of energy and their batch showed maximum participation.


The third years bagged the first prize because of their extraordinary theme and beautiful projection. The fifth years were awarded the second prize, because of their energy packed performance.

The write-up was prepared by Annie Sharma.


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