Business Management by Ms. Kanisshka Tyagi

The students of Army Institute of Law had the privilege of being addressed by Ms. Kanisshka Tyagi, a partner of the Kaden Boriss, Legal and Business Strategies. Ms. Kanisshka specializes in advising both foreign and domestic companies on transactions related to private equity investments, real estate, acquisitions, corporate restructuring arrangements, commercial contracts and secretarial matters. Her areas of expertise include corporate law and commercial law. She has provided valuable advice for various real estate private equity funds on proposed investment in India.

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An interactive session was organised where in Ms. Tyagi elucidated the various forms of business to the students. The features, merits and demerits of various forms were discussed. Starting with the simplest forms, i.e. sole proprietorship, other forms like partnership and companies too were a part of the discussion. New emerging trends of limited liability partnership too were explained. Stressing more upon companies, Ms. Tyagi explained its formation, functioning, financing etc. the students were informed about the various available sources of raising finance in case of companies and the merits and the demerits of each option, i.e. debt and equity. Then concepts like angel financing, seed financing and various rounds of financing too were explained. Students took an active part in the session and answered most of the questions which Ms. Tyagi asked the audience which expressed the keen interest of the students in the field. She clarified the various commonly miss interpreted concepts like, capital, assets etc. in the end she shared
her views on the proportion of capital that should be raised from equity and debt which was based on her research and experience.

Leaving the students enlightened she urged them to read more. And as a source of motivation, she left the college with a putting across a proposal of offering the scholarship to the student who scores highest in Companies Act.


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