AIL hosts inter-batch skit competition

The write-up was prepared by Annie Sharma.

For the very first time, Army Institute of Law witnessed an Inter Batch Skit Competition. The students, from the first, second and the third year, enthusiastically enacted their skits. All the batches came up with really innovative messages, to project through their plays. There were three criteria on which the teams were assessed, theme, application and message.


The first years worked around the idea of, “India hai mere bhai, yaha sabh chalta hai.” It basically focused on the general tendency of Indians to brush away issues under the carpet and not deal with them. The skit explained that it was because of such casual attitude of ours that today we are a victim of various social issues.

The second years came up with a theme of women empowerment. It was a play based on an epic story of women empowerment during the golden age of Vikram Aditya and Samudra Gupta.

The third years focused on comedy and humor. Their idea was about the Social (Dis)connect. It explained how social media, instead of connecting the people, today tends to drive them apart. People have become immune to human emotions and their relations. We are so engrossed in our social lives that we have become dead to our surroundings. The event was enjoyed and was a complete success. The students had yet another chance to project their talent.

The Third Years were declared the winners of the competition.


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