On February 25, 2016, the Army Institute of law conducted the Virtuoso quiz competition 2016 as a routinely Thursday activity. The event was an interactive amalgamation of art, science and law. It was a delight to witness the eager participation of the audience as well as the teaching body.

The event was hosted by Ms. Sheetal Kapoor and Mrs. Gagandeep Dhaliwal. It consisted a total of eight teams, each team consisting of two members. The judges for the event were Dr. Kamaljit kaur and Dr. Bajirao Rajwade.

The rounds for the events ranged from Art-History to Law with an added quirk of an audio-visual round. The participants buzzed with unparalleled fieriness cheered on with resounding applause.

The following were the winners-

Winners- Virinda and Gulab

Runners up- Manpreet and Juhi

The event lasted for precisely two hours. The audience ensured that the event remain bereft of monotony. It enlightened the congregation on a myriad of issues and recent developments. We hope to partake in more events of similar nature.

This write up was submitted by Yamini Jaswal.


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